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Project Description

About This Experience

Most locals and frequent travelers to Greece would agree that the best way to experience the treasures of Greece is by sea. Hidden secluded coves, beaches inaccessible by car or by foot, and uninhabited islands describe just a few of the destinations we will share.
Aegean Ribs Voyages is your ideal travel partner while island hopping. We know the best non touristic beaches in the islands and we promise to unveil the hidden beauty of Greece.
The Aegean Sea – Pelagos – offers approximately 7,500 km of coastline, presenting a highly diversified landscape including a variety of beach types that stretch over many kilometers.  Sandy beaches with dunes with colors ranging from white, to red and golden, even black, pebble beaches of various sizes and pebble types, dark colored sand typical of volcanic soil and coastal wetlands.
Swimming in crystal clear waters and making footprints on the sand of the beach of your preference. Sun chasing games from coast to coast in an island or an interisland expedition with interchanging images and feelings.
Duration is flexible; we can take you back to your place of stay for overnight or propose locations for camping under the starry sky.