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Aegean Flavours

One of the most distinctive elements of the Aegean is the gastronomy of the region with a history going back almost 4,000 years. The Aegean flavours and cuisine is distinguished for its variety and originality. Simplicity born of necessity is apparent in recipes passed down from generation to generation, prepared with time-honored methods and local organic ingredients that please the most discerning gourmands.

A deeply entrenched Greek social custom is the sharing of a meal with friends at home, in a restaurant or a tavern, the family-style type of meal with large platters with seafood or meat placed in the center of the table in order for everyone to be self-served.

Les us guide you through a culinary experience by taking you to the best restaurants and taverns that only locals know about and if you like, organize your own private cooking class with a local.

Ionian Flavours

The Ionian Islands will delight you with their wealth of culinary experiences. These islands are known for their cosmopolitan, Italian style flavours. We know the best restaurants in Corfu where you will taste the exquisite sofrito, a slow-cooked veal with garlic and parsley, bianco, fish in a white sauce, and pastitsada, a rich ragout of veal or chicken with thick pasta.

We will take you to the best ginger beer and kumquat liqueur producers in Corfu for an amazing local experience. In Kefalonia, we will cruise to beach taverns with delicious meat pies and we will have “mantoles” for dessert, while in Lefkada and Ithaca, you will taste the best fresh fish ever.

Taste Greece with us in an authentic way that will delight your senses.