From Mykonos
Mykonos lends itself to many wonderful sea voyages and the beauty about chartering your own private rib is that you can chose where, when, and what time you want to go depending upon your interests, your mood and the weather! There is no fixed departure time or embarkation point; we’ll pick you up from the dock of your choosing that is most convenient for you weather permitting.
To help you decide the best Aegean Rib Voyage for you, here are some sample itineraries to inspire you.
So grab your swimsuit, hat, sunscreen and camera and come on board for an amazing experience!

Full & Half Day Voyages

Delos – Rhinia

For those of you interested in combining history and culture exploration with relaxation,, this Rib Voyage is just right for you!

Delos – Board your rib and visit the historically significant island of Delos. Explore the island on your own or we can organize a guide for you.

Rhinia – After exploring the mystical island of Delos, continue on to the uninhabited island of Rhinia and dive into its crystalline waters and quiet bays.


For those of you seeking to experience the beautiful diversity of the Smaller and Lesser known Cycladic Islands, this Island Safari is designed for you!

Heraklia – This small Cycladic island boasts the beautiful sea cave of St. John

Schinoussa – This small remote island makes up for its size in beauty, Chose your own private beach to relax and swim.

Koufonissia – Aquamarine waters and sandy beaches are abound on this island.

Full Day Voyages

Antiparos – Paros – Naxos

For those of you seeking to experience more of the Cycladic island beauty hop onboard and explore some other popular Cycladic Islands.

Antiparos – Visit the serene and tranquil island and dive into its aquamarine waters

Paros – Explore the lively town of Naoussa and have a relaxing meal or explore another beach.

Naxos – The island on which Zeus was raised and Dionysos was born, this island is both majestic and enchanting.

Syros – Tinos

For those of you seeking to experience more of the Cycladic island beauty hop onboard and explore some other popular Cycladic Islands

Syros – Board your rib and visit the island that hosts the firs.  Important trade and industrial centre of Greece.

Tinos – Unspoiled architecture, picturesque villages and beautiful beaches characterize this wonderful island.

Fokiano – The next leg of your sea safari will take you to the secluded beach Fokiano with it’s turquoise waters and large white pebbles.

Spetses – Cruise to nearby Spetses and enjoy a seaside meal at the old port. Enjoy a horse drawn carriage ride to the town or board your rib for a quick trip.

Full Day Single Islands Safaris

Antiparos – 40 Miles (80 min) each way

Schinoussa – 42 Miles (90 min) each way

Tinos – 20 Miles (45 min) each way

Syros – 30 Miles (60 min) each way

Naxos – 30 Miles (60 min) each way

Paros – 22 Miles (50 min) each way

Koufonissia – 30 Miles (100 min) each way

One Way Private Transfers

Athens Port – 180 min

Santorini Port – 120 min

Tinos Port– 25 min

Syros Port– 45 min

Naxos Port – 50 min

Paros Port – 50 min

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